My Travels | ’19-’20 Winter Vacay

Five ski resorts, four weeks, three states, two countries. Dang, do I know how to start the new year! Every year I take an extended vacay during my slow season in Hawaii. This year I decided to do something big since I was also turning 30 during my travels. I bought the Ikon pass, picked a few states, and traded in my surfboard for my snowboard. It was equal parts magical and tiring, and after months of planning I can’t believe the trip has come to an end. This was my 4th time to start the year off with a trip. It was by far my fav adventure, so I thought I’d end it with a (mostly iPhone) photo recap!

Week 1: Texas for Christmas with the fam!

I’m originally from north Texas, but most of my fam lives in Corpus so this is the gathering place for the holidays. This was my favorite Christmas ever because finalllyyy everyone was all in one place! And I got to take the most ridiculous photo of all time with my brother’s dog.

Week 2: Banff, Canada for New Years

This was literally a dream trip. Efrain and I knew we wanted to celebrate the new year snowboarding, so we picked an international spot on the Ikon Pass. I always wanted to go to Banff, and it was as amazing as everyone says. You know that epic spot at Lake Louise that is always on Instagram? It was frozen, and we got to walk on it. And of course we had to document it. Life maaaade!

banff canada

Week 3: Salt Lake City

I went to Brighton, Solitude and I infiltrated the “ski only” Deer Valley… but only because I paid $300 for a ski lesson 😂 And I got to go night boarding for the first time ever! It was truly magical.

Week 4: Denver/Copper Mountain

My brother’s birthday is two days before mine, so I dragged him and all of our friends to Denver! Then I headed out to Copper Mountain to finish my trip. If you were following along with my Insta stories, you probably saw that my knee started hurting day 1 even though I had just taken 4 days off from boarding?? So there was a lot of “relaxing” on this portion of the trip. But Copper is freakin’ beautiful with so many fun runs, so I will return in better health!

travel photographer

Am I sad my trip is over. Yes 🙁
Am I happy to be thawing out in Hawaii? Hell yea!

I have a lot of traveling coming up this year and will be doing my best to give some photo recaps!  In the meantime, keep up with all my adventures on Insta @chelseastratso. Until next time!