How to Become an Adventure Photographer


August 22, 2022

Want to dive in the adventure niche? You’ve come to the right place, friend! I have specialized in adventure photography for 4+ years, and I’m here to share some tips on how to become an adventure photographer!

Being an adventure photog is not for the faint of heart. In my busy season, I’m doing difficult hikes up to 6 times in a month. Talk about needing to remain in good shape! However, it is extremely fulfilling. There’s nothing like seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they see the view, and know that the hard work paid off!

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1: Become the expert on hikes in your area.

  • Never take clients on a hike without going on your own first. You don’t want to run into any unexpected dangers, or get lost during a session.
  • Be honest about the difficulty of a hike, even overstate it slightly. It’s much better for your clients to be surprised that the hike wasn’t as hard as they anticipated than the other way around.

2: Nail your marketing

  • Know your ideal client. They are someone who loves to travel and go on adventures. They have done hikes while traveling, and it’s a central part of their relationship.
  • Create a brand that connects to their love of adventure. That means regularly going on hikes yourself, and posting about them. Write blogs about your own travels.
  • People don’t know to ask for something that they don’t know exists. Create sessions specifically for adventures, and put them as the center of your site, pricing page, and price guide.

3: Deliver a safe, unforgettable experience

  • Safety first, always! Let your clients know every detail to prepare for the hike, down to the kinds of shoes they need to bring.
  • Give them a briefing before going up. Let them know what to expect, and to speak up if they need to slow down or if they don’t feel comfortable venturing in a certain area.
  • Lead your clients, but never leave them behind! Stay at their pace to ensure they are following your steps and that you can keep a close eye on them.

Remember, a safe experience is a great experience! Your clients come first, not an IG photo.

If you’re ready to get serious and learn how to become and adventure photographer, I now offer mentor sessions + a live shoot. You’ll gain confidence in guiding your clients, and have epic photos to market your new sessions! Click here to inquire about availability.

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