Meet me (and peter!)


I'm a Texas native, living the dream as a destination photographer based in Southern California! Whether I'm working or cruising, you can usually find me in my favorite place, right in the middle of the mountains and the ocean. I'm obsessed with having salty hair, sandy feet, and taking naps under the sun after a good surf sesh. As a life long lover of the beach and mountains, I've found an awesome home base!

When I'm not working, you can find me hanging at the beach, in the mountains snowboarding, replaying The Eras Tour over in my head, or watching *the* most dramatic season ever of The Bachelor with my Pug, Peter.

SoCal is home for most of the year, but I love hopping on a plane to explore cities, or just hangin' in my home state of Texas with the fam.

Speaking of travel, it's a huge part of my life. I have quite a few places that I consider my "second home" that I travel to often, including Hawaii (I lived on Oahu for 8 years), Colorado, and Utah. I love photographing in new places, it's so inspiring! You can check out my travel schedule here to see if I'm coming to your state soon. If I'm not, shoot me a message! I'd love to adventure with you, camera in hand!

Southern California-based Photog, swiftie, and pug mom.

I'm Chelsea

let's do what we love.

and do a lot of it.

I went snowboarding in Hawaii! This was definitely a bucket list dream!

Wildest thing I've done...

I was in a movie!

I played a wedding guest in Mike and Dave need Wedding dates! You can best spot me during the rehearsal dinner scene.

My other claim to fame...

Peter and I dressed up as Taylor and my favorite dancer from the eras tour, and he posted it on his ig feed! I died dead, rip me.

My fav travel experience

I drove a go kart through tokyo dressed as yoshi. enough said!

My pup, Pete

I adopted this one-eyed nugget in 2020. he's equal parts adorable and psycho, and He's my fav thing ever!

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