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Business resources

— programs that keep this biz runnin'


— Client management tools

Dubsado was an absolute *game changer* for my business. Before Dubsado, I kept track of my leads on spreadsheets, I was making clients print their contracts, and I wasn't sending real invoices. Yikes!! Now everything from the moment my clients inquire, all the way up to their 1 year anniversary email is automated as much as possible. It has saved me so many hours, and probably has made me thousands over the years, since it reminds me when to follow up with leads when I lost track.


— Create layouts for your blog

 Too many long vertical images on your blog can be annoying for users. I use Blogstomp to create horizontal layouts, and resize my images, create layouts, and rename all of the images to optimize for search results - all in a few simple clicks.

Blogstomp is a 1 time purchase, which is an added bonus!


— productivity tracker

I. Love. This. App!! This is a super easy to use task tracker. I personally just use the desktop app without the additional tracker. You can label all of your tasks like email, instagram, editing, culling, etc. At the end of the week, you'll get a report to see how you spent your time. You can also set goals for specific tasks that you know you need to do more of.

I love to use this to see where I'm wasting time (tasks I can outsource in the future) and to hold myself accountable to reach my goals.

Pass Plus Gallery

— client gallery and print store

Pass Plus is a super clean gallery that you can customize to your brand, set prices for your prints, and run automated sales campaigns to general passive income from your galleries while you sleep. Their automated campaigns are seriously amazing. I make over anywhere from $1k-$2k from prints every time I run a sale. It takes just a few minutes to set up! My favorite tool they have is the "Abandoned Cart" email reminders - I've made thousands in print sales over the years and I set it up in less than 5 minutes. Yea, you need this!!

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