Honolulu Proposal Photographer | David + Alyssa’s Perfect Proposal in the Rain


March 13, 2017

When you think about proposing in Hawaii, rain is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. When David contacted me about his plans to propose to his high school sweetheart, he knew he wanted to do it at one of the gorgeous beaches during their vacation to Hawaii. While we initially envisioned blue skies and a sunny day, these two happened to come over in the middle of a week of thunderstorms. I was panicking about the weather way more than David was, as he was just happy to finally be popping the question, so I told him I would be there rain or shine. We had it set up that it was just a regular portrait shoot, and when the rain stopped, it was time to pose them for the big moment. I had them walking along to beach when David stopped to get down on one knee. At the same time the sky opened back up and it started pouring rain. My nerves about the rain quickly disappeared as I saw how romantic it made it. You could tell that they were in their own bubble and didn’t even notice that they were getting drenched. After she said yes (yay!) I told them I would see them on a dry day to take some engagements for them. As I was leaving, I turned around and saw that Alyssa had jumped into his arms, so I had to run back and grab a photo.

These photos might make you hope for rain during your proposal! And while I can’t make it rain, I can tell you I would love to be there rain or shine to capture your perfect proposal moment.

Oahu is the perfect place to pop the question! Contact me today about my Oahu proposal photography packages.

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