Lanikai Proposal Photographer | John + Ashley


May 30, 2017

Earlier this year, John called me about secretly photographing his proposal to his long time girlfriend, Ashley. Ashley grew up coming to Oahu every year, staying at their family’s house in Lanikai. He knew the beautiful beach right outside would be the perfect spot to get down on one knee. The plan was for me to be dressed like a beach goer, and secretly photograph the big moment from afar. When I showed up to our designated spot, Ashley’s grandpa was out back secretly asking people to keep the area clear. I was pretty proud of my disguise when he kindly asked me to move just a little further down the beach because there was an event happening in that spot. My mission to blend in was accomplished, and I was so excited to finally see John and Ashley come out and I couldn’t wait to see Ashley’s reaction! After she said “yes” yay! We went up to the house where her family was waiting to congratulate her, and see the ring. It was such a sweet moment with her parents, sister and grandparents all able to celebrate with her. After some family photos, we went back to the beach to take engagement photos for them to announce to all of their friends and family that they got engaged in Hawaii!

If you’re thinking about proposing in Hawaii, I’d love to talk to you about photographing the special moment! Contact me today for my Oahu proposal photography packages.

If you’re proposing in Hawaii, consider getting a photographer to capture the big moment! Contact me today for my Oahu proposal photography packages.

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