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October 19, 2018

Do you guys remember Hurricane Lane and how terrified everyone was as the storm came barreling toward Hawaii? It caused flooding on the Big Island and Maui, there was an awful fire on Maui as well and it threatened all of the Hawaiian Islands. The day that it was supposed to hit Oahu, it slowed down to a crawl. Still, weddings were postponed and rescheduled, venues were scrambling, and my one elopement that weekend was Tara and Mike, and let me tell ya, we were all nervous about the weather. They had considered canceling their trip to Hawaii but eventually decided to just go for it. Mike even told Tara that their “love is so powerful it caused a hurricane.” Cheesy? Sure. Adorably? ABSOLUTELY. We rescheduled their elopement to a day after than originally planned and guess what? ALL WAS WELL. These two were just so excited to get married to each other, they literally couldn’t stop giggling through the first look, ceremony and portraits.Tara still texts me to this day about how much they love their images, and I agree!! When I look at these photos I think of two things: love and laughter. And Tara and Mike have a whole lot of both

My couples are madly in love, love to have fun and love to laugh! If this sounds like you and you are planning to elope in Hawaii, I’d love to be your photographer! Contact me today to start planning your Hawaii beach elopement photography!

Chelsea Stratso is an adventurous elopement photographer in Hawaii. She also specializes in intimate weddings and couples portrait photography. She is based in Waialua, Hawaii and available for travel.

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