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November 14, 2018

Prepare yourself for a little dose of something different than my normal tropical vibes! I took a quick trip home to Texas last month and was able to fit in a session while I was there. I knew Beth growing up and have always followed her on social media. I think her and her husband, Tanner, are adorable and she’s always such a sweetheart, so I was so stoked when she contacted me to take their portraits! We went to Lake Ray Roberts, the first ever beach getaway location in my life. My family used to spend days getting sunburnt there, camping and learning how to hunt snipes (you guys do not want to know the reaction that my siblings and I had when we found out that’s not a real thing!). It was the perfect location, it was such a gorgeous day and I saw like 5 deer when I was driving in… uh-maze-ing! Beth and Tanner were so fun, and I’m so obsessed with these photos! And that Texas sunset?? No words. See for yourself!

If you are based in Texas and want to book a session with me, you are in luck! I have some upcoming travel plans to go back to the great state that I grew up in. Head over to my booking page and I will add you to the waitlist for upcoming sessions.

Chelsea Stratso is a destination wedding photographer, based in Hawaii. She also serves California and Texas, specializing in intimate weddings, elopements and couples portraits.

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