Proposing in Hawaii | Matt + Ruby


January 30, 2019

Originally, Ruby scheduled a couples portrait session with me while they were visiting Hawaii. It was supposed to be a “just because” photo session which happens a lot here. However, Matt had a plan of his own and he reached out to me separately to drop the news. He was proposing in Hawaii, and thought the portrait session would be the perfect time to get down on one knee. I couldn’t agree more!

Makapuu is one of my favorite beaches to photograph at. I have a favorite little secluded beach area that is surrounded by gorgeous mountain views, a ton of lava rock, and it is always empty. Talk about a photogenic beach! When I met Matt and Ruby at the beach, I could tell Matt was a little nervous, but when it came time to get down on one knee, he remembered all the cues we set up and Ruby was totally surprised. After she said “yes” (YAS) it was time to adventure around for their couples portrait session turned engagement session. I. Love. It!!

If you are planning to propose in Hawaii and want the moment photographed, I’m your girl! I’ve photographed dozens of proposals in Hawaii and I love to help make the moment extra special with advice, input, planning for the right moment, and of course documenting it! Send me a message and tell me what you are envisioning for your perfect Hawaii proposal.

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Chelsea Stratso is a Hawaii proposal photographer, based on Oahu.

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