Untraditional Wedding Idea: Getting Ready Together


March 17, 2020


Untraditional Wedding Idea: Getting Ready Together

I love breaking tradition. Why? It’s another way a couple can make their day truly about them. One of my favorite ways I’ve seen my couples break tradition is to get ready together. Gasp! What was once considered “bad luck” is actually really adorable. I’ve only gotten to photograph this a few times, but I have loved it more and more every time.

So if you are considering getting ready together or looking for an untraditional wedding idea, this one is for you! Here are a few of my favorite aspects of getting ready together, with some of super cute couples who got ready together to further convince you.

You get to spend more time together.

Your day goes by fast. This will allow you to get to spend the entire day together, rather than just after the ceremony onward, which isn’t usually until 3 or 4pm.

Getting ready together is part of your relationship.

In the beginning of your relationship, you got ready to see each other separately. As time went on and you were staying at each other’s places or even living together, you started to get ready together. Personally one of my favorite parts of date nights is getting dressed up and giving each other opinions about how we look. There’s something really intimate and fun about it, and it’s so fun to get to document those times for others!

couples getting ready together

You can still have a first look.

If you still want that first look feeling, get ready up until the moment you’re in your wedding attire. It’s still just as special seeing your partner dressed to the nines even if you saw most of the process.

It can save you money.

You only have to book one place for your getting ready location, which means half the price of a hotel or Airbnb used specifically for this person. Who wouldn’t love to save some money on their wedding day??

While I know this untraditional wedding idea might not be for everyone, it’s still a super cute option to consider. If you  love breaking tradition and planning a day that is all about you, I’m your gal. Contact mee today to start planning your wedding and elopement photography!

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