Tips to Reschedule Your Wedding During COVID-19


April 2, 2020

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Tips to Reschedule Your Wedding During COVID-19

First off I want to say that I am so sorry you are dealing with this right now. All of our lives have been interrupted by this in different ways. As a bride-to-be myself, I know the excitement that comes with wedding planning. It’s totally normal to feel frustrated, disappointed, or even sad right now. But I believe that you still deserve to have your dream wedding day. Whether you planned on having it here in Hawaii with me, or you simply stumbled across this blog, I want to help you navigate rescheduling your wedding. Below I’m sharing my tips for rescheduling, and an alternative if a postponement just isn’t in the cards.

Let your vendors know you are considering rescheduling

Many wedding vendors have spring and summer couples rescheduling for the fall, so keep in mind that our scheduling will become more limited as the date approaches. If you are considering rescheduling, find out what each vendor’s policy is, and what dates they have available.

See what dates your venue has available

It makes the rescheduling process much easier if you start with your venue’s available dates. This way you can present your dates to all of your vendors, and you can compare availability across the board.

See what dates work for your guests

This is important for destination weddings, since the majority if not all will be flying in. Take the list of available dates from your vendors and present them to your guests to see what works the best for everyone.

Get the new date in writing from your vendors

Make sure that the policies on rescheduling are clear and in writing. Your vendor should have a rescheduling contract or will be able to create a new contract for you, or they will provide both.

Contact your airlines, hotel and rental car companies

Notify your accommodations of the change, and find out what their policies are. Most are allowing you to transfer the booking to the new date with no additional fees.

Plan B – Eloping

For some, postponing the wedding just isn’t an option, and I understand that. Maybe certain family members can’t make the new date, or you simply can’t throw the huge party you had originally planned so you’re coming up with a plan b. Some of my couples are choosing to elope at a later date, or they are going to the courthouse or having a smaller ceremony and reception, and then honeymooning in Hawaii when things are back to normal. You can still have your Hawaii wedding adventure, and you deserve to have it.

Imagine yourself on the side of a cliff in your wedding clothes, or jumping into the ocean at the end of the session! It would be the epic day you always dreamed of. I am waiving all of my rescheduling fees related to COVID-19, and giving the option to use them toward any collection at a later date, including portrait collections.

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Your wedding or elopement is not ruined due to the pandemic, we just need to create a backup plan. You already have your dream day planned, it just might have a different date on it and that’s okay! If you need more help to reschedule¬† your wedding during COVID-19 or coming up with your plan b, shoot me a message, I will be happy to help!

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