Why You Need A Wedding Coordinator


April 27, 2020

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Even the most laid back couple with the most laid back day planned still need a coordinator. Why? To keep it laid back!

Odds are one of the reasons you started planning an intimate destination wedding was to avoid some of the stress associated with planning a more traditional and larger wedding. But trust me, if you fully want to avoid the stress, hire a coordinator. There are many benefits to hiring a wedding coordinator, and I’m sharing some of my favorites!

Why You Need A Wedding Coordinator – Even for chill wedding days!

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1. They know things about the day that you’ve never thought of.

Learning the flow of the day comes with experience, and it’s something you just can’t gain unless you work in weddings. Coordinators are able to spot trouble from a mile away and are always 5 steps ahead of the game with a backup plan or two.

2. You shouldn’t have to work on the day of your wedding (and neither should your friends!)

Even if you are putting a friend in charge, what if a possible change happens or an issue arrises? They’re going to come running to¬† you. And then there you are working, stressed, in exactly the position you didn’t want to be in. If you have been working closely with a great coordinator, they know and understand your vision. They can make decisions that you will love without pestering you throughout the day. They also know how to work out sticky situations with vendors if there’s an issue on the day of.

3. Hawaii weddings are unique.

Planning a destination wedding comes with its own set of challenges. A local coordinator can help you navigate the unique weather, and will know when to remind vendors of heavy traffic times for your location. You may not be suppperrr particular about everything happening right on time, but you definitely don’t want your guests left in the rain, or dinner to be hours late.

4. Your photog will thank you!

I’m always happy to help with planning your timeline, but typically if there’s no one there on the day of to enforce it, then that sometimes falls on the photogs shoulder. We want to be 100% present with you to serve you with the most awesome experience ever! It’s easier to do that if a coordinator is there to make sure things are running smoothly.
I have worked with some amazing planners and coordinators here in Hawaii, and I am always happy to share my list of preferred vendors with my clients! If you’re currently planning your own destination wedding in Hawaii, I’d love to help you! Send me a message today to get started!
why you need a wedding coordinator

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