How To Travel With A Wedding Dress | Brides Chime In


September 30, 2020

How To Travel With A Wedding Dress | Brides Chime In

You asked, and my followers have answered! I have a lot of experience with planning a wedding day, but when it comes to traveling with a wedding dress… not so much. So I took the question to my Instagram, and here’s what I learned!

Tell everyone you’re bringing a dress.

My girl Meagan says the best way to get started with flying with your dress is to literally tell everyone. Call the airline, tell them at check-in, and tell the flight attendants. Somewhere along the way you would find out if there wasn’t a closet, so this ensures that there is some kind of space on the plane for your dress.

Be extra nice to the flight attendants.

Kasondra was a Hawaii bride and flight attendant and said being extra sweet will go a long way. She said, “Bring sweets for the crew and ask if you can stow it up front in a closet! Usually they are more than willing to do so.”


Get a big, sturdy bag.

Quite a few brides said they ordered long dress bags, or used oversized men’s suit bags. Everyone who responded that they ordered a sturdy bag said they got it from Amazon.

Don’t bring too many carry ons.

More advice from a flight attendant and Hawaii bride! Stefanie said to “try just having your dress and maybe a small purse or backpack so it’s not overwhelming. If there isn’t a closet then lay the dress on top of the carry on luggage in the overhead bins.”

Hang it up asap.

Hanging it up at your  hotel should be priority when you get off the plane! My bride Tara said they hung it up right away after it hung in the closet on the flight and there were no wrinkles. Easy peasy!

Make it steamy.

A couple of brides brought travel steamers with them, and on bride, Bri, recommended hanging it in the bathroom while taking a  shower to get steamy for any last minute wrinkles.


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How To Travel With A Wedding Dress

How To Travel With A Wedding Dress

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