What to Wear for Engagement Photos


October 21, 2020

Are you wondering what to wear for engagement photos?  You aren’t alone, my friend! Your engagement photos are going to be eeeeverywhere, right? They’ll be on your save the dates, the official invites, Instagram, even at your actual wedding. No pressure! But you want to look and feel good in your engagement photos. In addition to providing a style guide for all of my portrait sessions, I wanted to share a few quick do’s and don’ts when you  are deciding what to wear for your engagement photos.

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Do compliment one another.
Don’t be too matchy matchy.

Picking your color scheme might be the hardest part! I love pastels and neutral colors. If you’re mostly going to be at the beach, avoid blues. If you’re mostly going to be in greenery, avoid greens. Avoid wearing patterns, especially matching patterns. In fact, make sure you aren’t over matching. Your colors should compliment one another, not clash or match.

what to wear for engagement photos

Do dress up more than normal.
Don’t be so overdressed that you feel uncomfortable or like someone else.

You want to look your best, I mean hellooo you are paying for these images! But, you don’t want to be so overdressed that you don’t feel like you, or look like you. I love a long flowy dress and I always recommend them. If you never wear dresses and feel uncomfortable, consider getting a cute romper, or wearing one dressier look and then changing into something more casual.

What to wear for engagement photos

Do wear the right shoes (or no shoes at all)
Don’t wear heels to the beach. Please.

If your engagement session is at the beach, barefoot is best! If we are up on a hike, you’ll wear hiking boots or running shoes to get to the lookout point. From there, you’ll change into something more sensible, like flats or again, go barefoot. Can you tell that going barefoot is my fav way to live life? I’m all about you doing you, boo. However, you do not wear heels to the beach. Just don’t do it.

what to wear for engagement photos

Do have fun!
Don’t worry about being awkward. I got you!

Come prepared to jump in the ocean, frolick in a field, or hike for an epic adventure! Think you’re awkward? Welcome to the club! I have a ton of tricks to get you warmed up and looking like the adorable couple that you are!

Chelsea Stratso is an adventurous couples photographer based on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and available for travel. Head to the contact page to start planning your engagement photography.

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