Sunrise or Sunset photos in Hawaii? | Amber & Walt


May 18, 2021

Amber and Walt couldn’t decide between sunset vs sunrise photos in Hawaii. They wanted a sunset ceremony, but knew that they didn’t want to miss out on the gorgeous sunrises either. The compromise? An adventure session in the morning on the east side where the sunrise is simply *epic* and an evening sunset ceremony on the north shore.

To put it simply, this was the best of both worlds for them! The sunrise that morning was absolutely stunning, and it gave them an opportunity to have some extra fun in the water at the end of the session. While a lot of bride and grooms opt for a little swim at the end of the day, it’s not for everyone. Being in a more casual outfit and setting allowed them to really make the most out of being in this beautiful place.

I personally think there are only 2 downsides to sunrise:

1: You have to wake up early af. Like sometimes 3-4am depending on where the shoot is.
2. It gets bright QUICK. But don’t worry, it’s still beautiful. You may just end up quite a bit hotter than you planned.

You’ll see in these images that the early wake up call was WELL worth it.


Planning a session for sunrise or sunset photos in Hawaii? Pin the image below to keep this for reference, and contact me to start planning!

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