Wild + Free | My Oahu Elopement Officiant Biz!


June 7, 2021

oahu elopement officiant with couple at the beach

Wild + Free | My Oahu Elopement Officiant Biz!

After years of thinking about it and months of putting in the work…. it is finally here. My Oahu elopement officiant business is launched! I present to you… Wild and Free Elopements!

If you are here because you love my fun vibes, then you are going to love Wild + Free.

I started this company with my best friend, Alana. The official idea came during a beach walk, where we were talking about life, love and the different paths that people take. As big dreamers ourselves, we love those who throw out tradition in favor of doing what fits them best.

couple in hawaii getting married with oahu elopement officiant

The goal for Wild + Free is to create a space for you to enjoy a day that is true to who you are, and encourage you to run wild and free on your happiest day together. You’re planning an untraditional wedding day, one where you don’t have to stress and can focus on what is most important. Your elopement deserves an officiant who not only understands that, but thrives in that environment.

Most importantly… we don’t take ourselves too serious and we like to have fun.

oahu officiants chelsea and alana

Adding Alana on to your elopement photography package is super easy, just send me a message! Or if you stumbled across my site and already have a photographer, you could get either of us to officiate!

Want more? Head over to the IG @wildandfreeelopements where we are sharing elopement tips, Hawaii travel advice, and since we are Tik Tok and Reels obsessed, you can expect plenty of entertainment to come.

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