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March 21, 2023

I’ve always had so much fun taking personal branding photos for my own business. I’ve seen how much it helped me grow my business, and I have absolutely fallen in love with helping others by being an Orange County branding photographer. Branding photos goes far beyond having new content for your social platforms. They help you stand out in your market, and establish trust before potential clients even reach out to you.

Often times in business, it can feel like everyone is selling and doing the same things. But the fact is, nobody is you, and that is your super power! It might feel safer hiding behind your product, but the fact is that there is power in showing up as yourself, and allowing your customers to get to know, like, and trust you!

Alexis is a photographer with a fun and sweet personality. We had so much fun taking her branding photos at the beach. They showcase her personality while clearly showing what she does and what clients can expect when meeting her. These photos will help establish her in a brand new market and call in her ideal clients.

Take a look at the highlights!

girl in front of mountains by orange county branding photographer girl in front of mountains and the beach by orange county branding photographerfemale photographer at the beach by orange county branding photographer girl laughing at the beach by orange county branding photographer girl with camera at the beach by orange county branding photographer

Chelsea Stratso is an Orange County Branding Photographer based in Dana Point and Hawaii. Get in touch today to start growing your business with personal branding photos!

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