Island fever is real! As much as I love my little town on Oahu, sometimes I need to play in the snow, explore the rocky mountains, get lost in new cities, and feel like if the apocalypse were to happen tomorrow that I wouldn't be trapped on a tiny island in the middle of the biggest ocean on Earth. Phew!! I think you get the gist of it ;)

So, I love to travel and I love to do it often! I've put together a list of my current travel plans for personal/work. If you already see your island/town on the list, travel fees are minimal to non existent, please email for exact dates. If you don't see your town on the list, I'm probs dying to go there, so give me a shout!

June // Cabo, Kauai

July // Kauai, Maui

August // Kauai

September // Big Island, Maui, denver

November // san fran, Big sur, Big Island, Maui

December // Texas

add your city to the list.

January // Banff, Utah, Denver

February // california, Maui

April // Kauai

remaining 2019


And I must go.