Montage Laguna Beach Proposal


November 16, 2023

Capturing proposals is one of my favorite things to do as a couples photographer! I low-key love being in on the secret while their partner has no idea, and I high-key love helping with the plans. The idea of getting down on one knee can be nerve-racking, even when you know the answer is “yes.” I’ve captured so many proposals, so I am always happy to help calm nerves and help fill in the missing pieces. I knew Mitchell back from my days as a motocross photographer, so I was really excited when he contacted me to capture his Montage Laguna Beach proposal!

We had a lookout by The Montage in mind, and I went the day before to scope it out. It’s a stunning area and the lookout was perfect for his idea. He made a dinner reservation with the plan to go checkout the lookout with Charlie on the way. I sat on a bench with a view of the lookout, tracking them on “Find My Friends” while Charlie had no idea. They spent a moment looking out over the ocean. It was a clear California day right before the sunset, it couldn’t have been a better time for the proposal. Mitchell got down on one knee and Charlie was totally surprised and absolutely giddy! They are so cute together and they were in their own little bubble, it even took Charlie a moment to realize I was there.

Congratulations to these two! See all my favorites from The Montage Laguna Beach Proposal below.

guy down on one knee proposing to girlfriend at the montage laguna beach guy down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend at the montage couple hugging at beach lookout after proposal couples portraits the montage laguna beach proposal couples portraits the montage laguna beach proposal couples portraits the montage laguna beach proposal

Chelsea Stratso is a couples, elopement, and wedding photographer based in Orange County. Click here to contact her for your proposal or engagement session.

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